Using Grafana with MySQL

Dear Community!

I want to start using Grafana, to get these good looking charts from the persisted values.
I’m using MySQL to persist my values which works great.
I’m using this persistance service:

However as stated in the intro:

The service will create a mapping table called Items to link each item to a table, and a separate table is generated for each item. The item data tables include the time and data - the data type is dependent on the item type and allows the item state to be recovered back into openHAB in the same way it was stored.

So the persisted values name don’t match the openHAB items name.
I have installed Grafana, connected to the MySQL database and selected some random Items from the dropdown menu and I can see the generated chart.

The only problem is that I don’t know what is these Items. Items only have index like Item1, Item2, etc…
Is it somehow possible to know the relation between these items and openHAB items?

Thank you!

Ok, I have found it with an easy MySQL query.