Using Integers in Grafana for Energy Consumption

Hi guys,
today I successfully installed influxDB and grafana - working quite well. So I am getting adventurous:
I have a couple of Fibaro Switches and I want to know the daily consumption of the lights or whatever the’re attached to.
They do readout kWh so technically I could just readout the current Value of kwH and reset kwH everyday at midnight.
But isn’t there a fancier way using grafana?
To start with, I could tell grafana to always only use todays Delta and then display that in a bar.
I found a nice tutorial, however that one is for initialstate…
is something like that possible in grafana as well?

Mathematically speaking WH should be the integer of Watts consumed over time. Is there a way of telling grafana to compute that integer and show it for the acual day?

Or is the only way to create a rule as shown here:

Thanks for your help!

You can use INTEGRAL function in recent influxdb implementations (
Another way is to use countinuous query to store the last Wh value

I found out about Integral function. That seems to be very powerful and suitable to my needs. However at this moment it seems to be extremely complicated, so I need to read into that. Maybe someone in this forum already successfully implemented an integral in influxdb/grafana. If so, I would be very delighted to see his/her solution.

I think my InfluxDB Quey would have to look something like this:

SELECT INTEGRAL(value) FROM "plug1_watts" time >= '2018-02-23-18T00:00:00Z' AND time <= now

however it does not return any data in grafana.
Jeez, I feel helpless…

Maybe this helps a little.