Using KNX binding with Bubendorff solar shutters?

Hi all,

Recently I bought two Bubendorff solar ID3 shutters and have been looking for ways to control them from my openhab3 instance.

One of the options that I found is the TKH190B Link controller from Hager (

This controller is part of the Hager Coviva system that uses “KNX under the hood”.

So my assumption is that this Link controller would work with the openhab KNX binding.

Does anyone have experience with this and can confirm that this is working? If not, what are the alternatives (if any)?

Unfortunately no responses so far… nevertheless I continued my search and found that the TKH190B controller has to be put into a Coviva smart hub for which there is no binding in Openhab to my knowledge.

So this is a dead end for me.

I also looked at iDiamant with Netatmo that can be controlled from Legrands home + control app. Although Legrand provides an API for developers, there is no openhab binding (yet).

Is anyone working on this perhaps?

Alternatively I found an RF micromodule for Bubendorff shutters [229018] that can be combined with a Fibaro FGS-222 to move the shutters up and down. Although this does not support scenes or in between positions, I think it is the only option that may work as it connects to openhab via the zwave binding.

Any other suggestions?