Using Kogan SmarterHome Plug

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(Stuart Begg) #1

I’m in Australia, and I’ve recently purchased some Kogan SmarterHome Plugs (with energy meters). The plug is based on the ESP chipset as far as I can tell. I have successfully download the mobile phone based Kogan configuration application from the app store and configured a switch to work - so I can turn the switch on and off with the application - great.

Now, to get the Kogan to work with my OpenHAB setup.

I currently have a bunch of Belkin WeMo, tp-link Smart WiFi Plug, and Philips Hue lamps working quite nicely with my Raspberry Pi based OpenHAB setup.

Searching the web doesn’t appear to give any insight into the configuration of the Kogan switches. I expect it’s some kind of rebranded switch from another manufacturer. I’ve looked for something suitable in the OpenHAB add-ons but need a bit of guidance.

I can see the switch connected to my WiFi router with the name ‘ESP_38A02C’. The phone app indicates an IP (WAN) address for the switch which is just my broadband route address.

Does anybody know how I can control these switches with OpenHAB?

Cheers, S t u a r t .

(Psyciknz) #2

No others numbers, or model information written on it so people can work out the original?

Jaycar used to sell a smart switch, but have discontinued. Not sure if it would be similar.

(Psyciknz) #3

Tuya might be what you’re after…and it’s possible (if you look up the hook up on youtube) that you can flash tasmota on it.

(Stuart Begg) #4

Hey, psyciknz, thanks for the replies. This looks really interesting. I’ll have a closer look and report back here on how I go.

Thanks, again, much appreciated.

Cheers, S t u a r t .

(Mark Lavercombe) #5

Keen to see where you get, @s5b