Using Mqtt on 2 openhab2 servers to talk to each other

I am trying to get two Openhab2 controllers to talk to each other. One is running on a raspberry pi 1 and will just be a sensor monitor. The other is running of RPi2 and is the main controller. I am trying to get them to talk to each other via Mqtt. Mosquitto runs fine and test ok on both units. I am able to publish to the Openhab2 running on RPi2, but not RPi1. They are set up identical. There are no errors in the log files. Any help would be appreciated.

Are you using the MQTT EventBus binding? If so, how is it configured for the two openHAB servers?

From the PaperUI have installed binding-mgtt1 -1.90 and action-mqtt -1.9.0.
RPi1 mqtt.cfg has only stoney.url=tcp://
there is nothing in the mqtt-eventbus.cfg.
the item file has
String MqttT “Mqtt test [%s]” {mqtt="<[stony:Stoney/TV:state:default]"}

RPi2 has a similar set up with different names that works.

I see my typo )(stony shoud be stoney when I cut and pasted. This will hopefully solve me problems.