Using openhabian-config

I have some questions about using openhabian-config.

I have switched to snapshot to get some updated zwave device configs.

How do I know when those changes have been merged to stable? (in other words how do I know when I should return to stable?)

When on snapshot, how often should I use this tool to go to the latest snapshot? (I assume snapshot on my system doesn’t update to newer snapshots automagically.)

Is the backup/restore option here the same as “openhab-cli backup” from the cli?

What does “Apply Improvements” actually do?

There will be an announcement when the next stable is released

All changed made to the snapshot become part of the release when the release occurs. They are on an every six month release cycle right now, give or take, so expect the next release around December. As Vincent says, there will be announcements to the OH blog and on this forum for the final release.

If you run apt-get upgrade then you will be getting the latest snapshot every time you run that. If you don’t update your system (not recommended) then you will remain on the same version of OH (and everything else).

The snapshot is intended for the alpha testers of OH so ideally you would be updating quite frequently.

There is a new snapshot every night.

However, if you want to not stay on the bleeding edge you will need to:

I’d recommend the second option.

No. In openHABian that menu is to setup and configure Amanda which does whole disk (SD card) backups. openhab-cli only backs up OH configs.

It says it right there in the submenu.

Thanks for the info!

Ok, let me rephrase.

What does “Install needed and recommended system packages” do?

At least for me, that leaves a LOT to the imagination… :confused:

Does it list what it’s going to do? Allowing me to back out before I clobber my system?

“recommended system packages” recommended by the debian folks? by habian folks?, by L. Torvalds?

Maybe I’m just too literal. :rofl:

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Installs and configures prerequisites that OH requires to be present to run, or that provide useful packages like Frontail so you can view the logs in the browser. You’d have to look at the scripts themselves to see exactly what it does but I’m pretty sure primary is Java Runtime Environment and Frontail. Maybe Samba is installed here as well.

No, but realize that openHABian was written primarily to set up a whole system to run OH. So it is unlikely to clobber itself. It is reasonably well tested so I think it is unlikely to clobber a system if you are using the manual install of openHABian to add openHAB and related stuff to an existing system running something else. But it is strictly additive I believe so it is unlikely to clobber anything already running on your system. The biggest area I can see being a problem is if you are running something else that requires a different JRE (I think openHABian makes Zulu 1.8 the default Java on the system) or you have other services running on the same network ports that OH requires.

OH folks. These are packages and tools either required by OH to run or have been found to be useful packages to have installed by the openHABian developers.