Using OwnTracks without mqttitude binding

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I can’t find the mqttitude binding on a recent 0H2.5 snapshot and so I was wondering if it is possible to process OwnTracks MQTT messages without requiring the mqttitude binding.

I’m running a mosquitto broker and a recent OH2.5 snapshot on a RPi3+ running openhabian.

The MQTT broker is configured in a file as a Thing.

Now I want to process messages issued by my iPhone (through MQTT) in OH2…

It has been deprecated in favor of the GPS Tracker Binding, see also:

Good to know.

But that binding relies on a HTTPS link instead of using MQTT. Does it mean that I’m basically out of luck now, unless I ditch MQTT?

I wouldn’t say you are out of luck. I would say you are in luck because if you are using, you no longer need to expose an MQTT port to the internet, reducing your exposure to attack.

You can still install the OwnTracks (formerly MQTTitude) Binding after enabling legacy bindings:

Configuration -> System -> Include Legacy 1.x Bindings (press Save after enabling)

Also note that OwnTracks advises to use HTTP instead of MQTT nowadays:

It’s reported only for the Android app but I assume it should be interpreted differently.

I switched to HTTP and everything works like a charm!