Using remote URL for doesn't show images from external sources

I have the following problem:
= I have image configured in my sitemap (to show jpgs from ip camera), it is on local IP address (within openhab network) and refreshed every X sec
= I have openhab app on my Android phone, until today it was configured for both local and remote URL with the same IP address (local) for my openhab:8080

Today I installed cloud connector and integrated with for notifications only (I don’t intend to use it for anything else). Notifications work great BUT the camera image I had in my sitemap doesn’t show up. If I revert my Android app configuration for remote URL to point to local address instead of cloud, it works ok.
When I changed address of the picture to public it’s the same, no change.
Is this rather openhab2 config issue or Android app issue?

If you configure it for notifications only, you can’t have remote access to your ip cam.
Try setting it to “Remote Access and Notifications” and it should work.

I tried but it doesn’t help.

And I am not remote this is the case. I am still in my local network and I should have local access to all resources. I don’t expect it to work remotely.