Using Remotec ZXT-120 IR extender to control TV etc


I was thinking of using this device to remote control my TV (unusual use case, I know - long story…)

I can see at least one person has tried this already - does anyone have example Items for using custom IR commands with the device?

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The usage is quite straight forward;

Number NR_TV_Mode "Mode [%s]" { zwave="42:command=thermostat_mode" }

This example requires you to program the power on/off signals to the thermostat_mode command. So all custom TV commands that you program should be linked to a standard heat pump commandtype.

I am not aware of any other “loopholes” here. Also be aware of that the ZXT-120 is keeping state. So I programmed the given example with “on/off IR” in both thermostat_mode=0 and thermostat_mode=1. So that the same command is used when changing state back and forth. This does not apply to a TV with separate on/off commands of course, where ON would go to 1 and OFF to 0.

thank you!

Kenneth, I’ve got a bit stuck with this - would be grateful for your help.

I checked the device was set to powered/always listening mode, and successfully included it. To try to program an IR code I set configuration parameter 27 to 000, and parameter 25 to (say) 5. The zwave logs show this working - “sent data successfully placed on stack” and then “transmission complete and ACK received”.

According to the manual, I should then press the “prog” button on the device, the light will flash and I can program a code. However the light doesn’t flash, and parameter 26 (“learning status”) doesn’t change from 0. There is no reaction to any IR I then send the device. If I double click the button then the light flashes, but nothing else happens.

Am I missing something? Or is this what you did, and I just have a duff device?

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