Using REST documentation from a dev environment (Eclipse)

I need help.
Since one hour, I am trying to use the REST documentation from my dev environment.
After starting my server, I have an access to the REST API (swagger) but as soon as I try to GET bindings or services for example, I got a 404 error.
If I try the following URL in my browser, I got the same 404 error:


Problem accessing /services. Reason:

    ProxyServlet: /services

I don’t understand what bundles are missing in my RUN configuration.

@kaikreuzer : any iodea ?

Try /rest/services.

Otherwise it sounds like a problem I once had with a reverse proxy, are you running one?

You’re right, I did not realize that /rest was missing in the URL !
The problem is that the REST documentation started from Eclipse is not including /rest in the URL while of course it does in my production environment.
Of course, is working well in my dev env.
Any idea why the URLs are wrong ?

PS: no I have no reverse proxy set.