Using thing status in rules

(moskovskiy82) #1

Couldn;t find this one. Is is possible to use the thing status in rules?

I have the following event that i would like to use in rule as it seems the fastest avail method

2016-06-10 20:39:58.505 [INFO ] [me.event.ThingStatusInfoChangedEvent] - ‘connectsdk:WebOSTV:1xx_xx_x_85’ changed from OFFLINE to ONLINE: Device Ready

(Thomas Bail) #2

Good Question, With the new homematic Binding some values are in teh status now aswell.


(Kai Kreuzer) #3

Currently not yet possible, but it shouldn’t be hard to add. I have created an issue for it:
If there is any volunteer, feel free to create a PR!


(Aaron) #4

Is this possible now I also would like too moniter the staus of a few of my things and create rules accordingly

My amazon dash buttons play up now and then and get stuck initializing a rule too moniter these would be nice