Using ZWAVE without HABmin, or 3rd party?

I’d like to use ZWAVE binding, without GUI, or 3rd party tool.
The documentation says:

HABmin can be used to configure devices (setting configuration parameters and association groups) directly within openHAB. Alternatively the open-zwave control panel is a good choice to set up your network. Commercial software like Homeseer can be used as well.

I assume that can be used is precise - it can but not must.
Am I correct?

Are there any specific instructions?

I have already discovered that I should set zwave:masterController=true in order to get some automatic configurations.
But I’m not sure what exactly does it do.

How can I get other ZWAVE features that HABmin supports (such as Configuring an Association or Network Diagram) ?

I think you will need to use something - what do you intend to use to configure the system?

HABmin provides an interface to the binding to allow you to configure the system. Currently there is nothing else available (that I’m aware of anyway) to do this directly in OH. You can of course use other software, but you also don’t want to do that.

Is it your intention to write something new to do this? Or?

Well, it’s not “must” but as I don’t know of any other solution, then in reality it IS a must at the moment unless someone writes something else. The only other option is to use something like OZW (but you already said you also don’t want a third party tool so this is also out).

You would need to write some software that does what HABmin does. Things like network diagram are a feature of HABmin - it draws this diagram, so I’m not sure how you expect to get this without the software?

Maybe I’ve misunderstood what you are trying to do?

Well, I’m a CLI guy. That’s part of the beauty of OpenHAB for me :slight_smile:

I assumed that there are some command line parameters that I can use to configure ZWAVE.
And regarding Network diagram - of course, I don’t expect to get a graphic representation, but can I get the raw textual information?

Sorry - there’s no CLI.

This interface was something that I wrote to allow users to configure ZWave when there was nothing else available (other than third party tools) so it directly links into the binding via a rest interface. You could use this interface, but it still won’t give you a CLI I’m afraid.

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OK then, that’s an important clarification.

So, what are the free options to configure ZWAVE (including 3rd party…)?

  • HABmin
  • open-zwave control panel
  • You mentioned OZW - do you mean open-zwave control panel, or some other tool?

open-zwave control panel doesn’t seem to have Windows, or general Linux release - only Macintosh and Raspberry.

I couldn’t understand what’s the recommended way to install HABmin into an existing OpenHAB 1.8.3 installation.
Can you elaborate on that?


Yes - by OZW I mean one of the (many?) pieces of software derived from open-zwave (including open-zwave control panel, but there are many others, although they tend to be fully fledge HA apps).

Yes - this is why I wrote HABmin - I couldn’t get OZWCP to work on my Mac (this is 3 years ago now!) so I added the various interfaces and command classes to the binding to support system configuration directly within OH, added the REST interface and wrote HABmin.

You should be able to install the JAR into the addons folder, and the other files from Github into the webapps/habmin folder.

Alternatively, there is a ZIP file that should do this for you (in the release folder on github).

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The ZIP file from the releases has addon of version 1.5.0, that looks too old.
Is it recommended to take the files directly from the HEAD of GitHub?
Usually I rather use some stable release, or tag, instead of random daily bleeding edge…
(even though, the files in GitHub seem to be in quite stable situation)

The ZWave file in this distro shouldn’t be used if you’re using the zwave binding - use the latest. It’s provided in the binding since HABmin requires the zwave binding as a dependancy. For people not using ZWave, it makes it simpler to include it.

HABmin is pretty stable - I’ve not really changed anything for 12 months as I’m mostly working on OH2 (and hence, HABmin2). Using the HEAD should be fine (and might have a few fixes after the last release).

OK, it’s working, and looks great.
Thanks for the help!

For future readers of this discussion, even though it’s not recommended to use the ZIP file, it’s still useful as a reference for installation.
Just note, that even GitHub’s head is using an old ZWAVE binding file - don’t use it.

Chris, good job, and thanks for sharing it.

Glad it’s working - enjoy :slight_smile: