UUID and password File

I installed Openhabian as a fresh install. While looking for the UUID and password I never saw them come up. I have scrapped and reinstalled the service multiple times to no avail. Without this I cannot connect to myopenhab. If there is a way to locate this file or connect to myopenhab without the password please let me know. I have found the UUID by going back to the root files and pulling up the syslogs.
Running on raspberrypi 3.

Is the openHAB Cloud Connector Add-On installed? As far as I remember the secret file was created after the installation of the connector and then stored under userdata/openhabcloud (folder may be different in openhabian).

you can easily create and fill both files with random input in the following format:
UUID: xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx
Secret: 20 chars or digits long, Upper- and Lowercase

Yes the Cloud Connector is installed and I can see the userdata folder in samba but will not allow access. maybe due to the current device I am using is tied to a domain. Thanks for the input and I will dig in deeper with this.
Will update shortly

Add the cloud connector under Add-Ons -> Misc in Paper UI.

… then you’ll find what you’re looking for here:


Check this video for finding your UUID and pasword details and connecting to myopenhab cloud service… https://youtu.be/joz5f4ejJVc :slight_smile: