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I am brand new to openhab, so bear with me. I have an Ubuntu server running Ubuntu 16.04 headless, and followed the instructions to install openhab that are listed on the site here: http://docs.openhab.org/installation/linux.html#package-repository-installation. I am now playing around with items, rules, and sitemaps, but i cannot get my other devices(ipad, android phone) to find my openhab server. i am running openhab 2 stable. in reading around, i realize i have to have an account, in which i need my uuid and secret to create one. I cannot seem to find anything on where to locate these though. where would these be?


Hi Aaron,
To access your openhab webserver within your local network, you should be able to access them via http://yourubuntuserverip:8080. There you will find a landing page to go either to your sitemap, or to configure items, things etc. in your PaperUI.

From outside your network, you will need either myopenHAB Cloud service http://www.myopenhab.org/ or a reversed proxy server http://docs.openhab.org/installation/security.html.

thanks! that helped me link to my server from my ipad, i was just not using the full url, only the IP.

So if i want to use openhab remotely via cloud service, it says i need a uuid and secret. Do you know where i can locate these on my system?

Hi Aaron,

If you go to the first link I stated in my earlier thread and read the information on that page, it covers setup and configuration, web access and mobile apps. If you run into problems, make sure you search this forum, as almost all questions have been asked before. It is fairly simple, I’m sure you can do it!

This type of reply is REALLY unhelpful. I’m searching around to locate where I get my UUID and secret and can’t find ANYTHING! Seriously - I’m pretty good at finding stuff but I’m having no luck. Really the sign-up page should tell you where to look to get this OpenHab2 looks great, but silly little things like this are really starting to make me think it isn’t for me, I also took ages to find what the default Samba credentials are…

I’ve followed the links - there is nothing that tells me where to locate these security items. There is nothing in the web UIs. I’ve just spent over an hour trying to find the UUID and secret and have got no-where.

So please - add a simple link to the signup page that says, follow these instructions to find your UUID and secret… because I honestly can’t find them or anything telling me where to find them.


Michael, I completely agree with you. I have actually scraped using openhab2 for right now and have been working with home assistant. In a few hours I was able to set it up and have multiple devices connected and working properly. It seems to be much more user friendly and the people over there write much clearer instructions with a much cleaner site. I think in the long run openhab may have a better looking platform, but home assistant has a much larger device library, currently, that is much easier to configure.

Getting back to your initial point. I followed the link that was provided and it looks like to get your uuid and secret, you have to install their openhab cloud connector binding and configure it to give you a uuid and secret. There isn’t much instruction for someone just starting out, so I wish you good luck.

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First you install the openHAB Cloud connector via your PaperUI -> Addons -> Misc.

After that, it took me 6 minutes to find this post on the forum and another 5 minutes to find the details:

As you know this is an open-source project and not all documentation is flawless and continuously in development. Maybe you want to contribute to the documentation by proposing detailed improvements, for instance in this topic:


So I have finally managed to get it to work… I did pretty much what Maurita28 has said… it is just a shame that this info isn’t published at the point of trying to sign up for MyOpenHab.

My frustration was mostly at the non-answer. To respond, but not give anything useful is more frustrating than anything else, after spending so long trying to find answers and failing you can understand my frustration.

The problem I had is that I’m using Chrome, and while all the add-ins tabs work and display a list - the MISC tab for some reason doesn’t display the Install option next to any add-in. This meant I was unable to install the add-in, but didn’t realise that I needed to because there was no install option plus nothing said I needed to install it. I then pondered this issue and opened it in a different browser, and the install option appeared next to the cloud connector. Suddenly I was able to install, and then the files that I couldn’t locate appeared - quite why PaperUI then doesn’t allow you to view your UUID and Secret seems a tad strange.

After quite a while of researching I had come across the exact post you’ve quoted. The issue is that without the add-in installed the files don’t exist, and I wasn’t sure if the reason was because of difference in OpenHab versions or something else.

As far as contributing to opensource projects… it is hard to know where to start, never having worked with this type of thing before… given that my knowledge of OpenHab is pretty much zero at this stage it is also hard to contribute when I don’t know the answers or how I would go about making amendments such as adding a lin k to the sign-up page that would tell you what you need to do to get your UUID and secret.


Well I too can’t believe how difficult this is and still it claims my installation is offline. How can it possibly know unless somewhere some data is punched through my router? And the IOS app claims the web address is wrong!!!

To me, working to learn the details is the greater part of the fun. I’ll take this over SmartThings any time !


I would like to add some additional info for the installation of openHAB 2 on OSX.
The location in my case is the following:

  • uuid is in the sub directory /userdata of your installation
  • secret is in the sub directory /userdata/openhabcloud
    So just typing from your installation directory more ./userdata/uuid & more ./userdata/openhabcloud/secret will provide the needed information.

I fully agree. I filled out the secret and the uiid… and still offline. I thought I’ d finally mastered ’ local’ openhab and wanted to expand with myopenhab and i can only think "why does this have to be so ’ difficult’ "
Anyway, will probably spend a few hrs searching again before it is finally on line

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I stumbled on the next steps in this post:

openHAB Cloud Connector installed within the PaperUI > Addons > Misc
PaperUI > Configuration > Services > Configure openHAB Cloud
Mode: Notifications & Remote Access
Items to expose to apps such as IFTTT: None (actually I entered one known Item, just for test)
Base URL for the OpenHAB Cloud Server: https://myopenhab.org

Most of the documentation for the openHAB Cloud Connector is going to be found here https://github.com/openhab/openhab1-addons/wiki/openHAB-Cloud-Connector

Old thread but I had this issue today and had trouble with the following advice.

I used a windows pc to remotely access the files on my openhab install on a raspberri pi 3. I’m guessing you need to first install the cloud connector via web browser at: http://openhabianpi:8080/paperui/index.html#/extensions in the misc tab.

Navigate to the following network locations. On your pc, open File Explorer and in the file location box just to the left of search try:

here you’ll find uuid

here you’ll find secret

open the files with notepad

You may also replace an instance of openhabianpi with the ip address of your pi.


running openhab2 as a docker container. i can confirm that these are the locations of UUID & SECRET




Thank you so much for your help!

On Windows 10:
Just show hidden files and you can find the files in the same folders as your configs e.g. c:\OPENHAB2\userdata for the UUID and the openhabcloud folder for the secret.