UV-Index (openweathermap) not working anymore?

Hi all

Does someone use UV-Index from OpenWeatherMap in OH3 and it is working? I see this now for a few days:

Account is online, local weather & onecall are working as expected. Remove/Add Thing did not help. Tried with Milestone 1 & latest Snapshot.


same here.

same here indeed last reply is from 15 feb. Openweathermap it self is stil working when using the api to test. Though the forecast is returning far mor items than indicated with the cnt parameter

Openweathermap were going to discontinue UVIndex API at end of March anyway - maybe there are some changes ahead of that.

Ah, and everything is available in “onecall”. Already implemented and working.

Thanks for the hint!

Thanks for the hint. I added it to the documentation of OWM binding.

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