UZB Stick ghosted Nodes

I have two Z-wave nodes that was previously connected to the UZB-stick, but are now gone (without deregistering them). I no longer have the devices. I understand that the hardware on the stick keeps track of paired device, and that the OpenHab2 Z-wave binding reads these entries. Is there any way for me to remove these two nodes (selectively) without hard resetting the stick? The last part is a pain due to my 11 POP smoke detectors that starts chiming (collectively) when pairing.

You can do this in HABmin, but you need to add the nodes as things first. When you have the thing, select advanced mode (top right menu). Then look in the top right menu again and there should be two options for doing this.

Use the “Set device as FAILed” first, then wait a few seconds, and try the “Remove device from controller”.

Hopefully this will work - if the devices were mains devices, then I’m confident it will work ok. If they were battery devices, then the controller might decide not to delete them…

They are battery operated. If I try to set it as failed it compains that the node was not found. Same when I try to remove it.

I have exactly the same problem with two FGK101 Fibaro Door sensors. I have the sensors still here but could not delete the old “ghost” nodes…

Power them up again and exclude them the proper way with HABmin …

That’s exactly what I did a couple of times…

If proper excluding does not work you could do it like Chris said:

Last chance is: hard reset the controller …

I have the same problem too…
Here is how I deleted the ghost node.
I’m using the aeon gen 5 zstick, OH1, RPI3

First you need to get the node to fail.
To do this I copied node5.xml and renamed it to the node I want deleted (e.g. node22.xml)
Next you need to edit the file you just made (node22.xml)
About the 8th line down it will read: nodeId>5</nodeId
Edit that line so it reads nodeId>22 /nodeId>
I also edited a few other lines with different values such as the manufacturer, deviceId, device type. (Not sure if this step is needed)

Not sure if these next steps are needed, but it’s how I was suscessfull.
Now I added the node as a switch to my .items and also to my .sitemap
I toggled the switch a few times in hopes that habmin would mark it bad.

I refreshed habmin a few times and it was marked as bad.
At first I didn’t have the remove node button, but after a few refreshes it showed up.

So I clicked on remove and nothing happened. I refreshed habmin several times and still nothing changed.
I looked in /etc/zwave folder and node22.xml was gone!

Refreshed habmin and node 22 is still there.
After rebooting the pi, node 22 is gone!
No more ghosts!

I tried this too, but I guess the controller can not delete the node. I always get:

NODE 29: Remove failed node failed as node not found

I guess I have to hard reset the controller…

I came to the same conclusion as you Peter. Hard reset and set it up again…