UZB1 or Aeon Gen5?

I’m about to move my zwave devices over from OH1 to OH2. And in doing so will move everything from my older Aeon ZStick to either a UZB1 or an Aeon Gen5 Controller. I have both ‘new’ controllers here in home to choose from, just curious if the speed, performance of one over the other is better?

I do like the smaller form factor of the UZB1. But the Aeon Gen5 is ‘easier’ to walk around the home and pair devices with. But both controllers would still need to plugged into your OH2 when eventually pairing locks and secure devices. But how many secure devices is one really pairing anyway?

Is there a preference of one over the other?

Wanted to circle back on this as I plan to switch all my zwave devices this week off of my older Aeon ZStick to one of my other controllers.

Any recommend one over the other? Either UZB1 or the Aeon Gen5?

I suspect the reality is there’s next to no difference in the ZWave performance and functionality as they are probably the same inside… The question is if you want the battery and backup features that Aeon provide - that’s probably the differentiator (at least the battery is - maybe there are backups for some other sticks available)

I switched from UZB1 to Aeon for that reason
-> backup ! possible (UZB only offers that if you buy the zway licence aswell)

also the Winddows Tool for the Aeon (IMA Tool) is quite good as inclusion / exclusion is very transparent with that and never failed me with by having a dead node or something.

Ok, I think you guys convinced me the Aeon Gen5 Stick is probably the better option. I just wish the thing was smaller. I actually bent my Original Aeon Zstick pretty bad (but it still works) when pushing my server case back into its rack.

And yeah, I didn’t buy the backup of zwave license from zwave either.

So I’ll probably remove setup the Gen5 Stick possibly first with OpenZwave which will let me secure pair my locks, and then add all other devices. Then move that stick over to OH2, and when OH2 supports Secure, just update the Network key, and hopefully all set.

At least that’s the plan!