V3.3.0: How to scroll in Main UI on a desktop browser?


I just updated from 3.2.0 to 3.3.0, and I am facing a big usability problem:

When I open a card (like “Properties” - “Temperatures”), which has more entries than are fitting on the screen, I cannot scroll the list in a desktop browser (no touch ui).

The behavior was already odd in 3.2.0 in terms that there is no scrollbar, but at least I could click on the background of the card and then use cursor keys and page up / down to scroll. Now with 3.3.0 it looks like all clicks on empty space are intercepted so that the list never gets the focus.

How can I scroll these lists?


I’ve actually noticed this myself on a pc. I reload the page and scroll bars appear. I’m on 3.3.0.M3

If I am using an external mouse, I can use the scroll wheel to scroll. So I just tested with touchpad gestures (for me: Windows 11 - Settings - Bluetooth & Devices - Touchpad): This allows scrolling.

So the problem is, that keyboard actions are broken in 3.3.0 (this worked in 3.2.0). At least I am able to scroll now on my laptop, but keys would be much faster than touchpad scroll gestures.