Validation tool for configs, web based/automated

Is there any tool that can validate configs if I edited and committed to source control? So somethingg like an automated tool that will read the configs, validate them (like the vscode addon), then if passed, could be integrated so that my openhab system will pull the config.

I think like integrating something like sonarqube for validating and travis maybe for automating the calling of sonarqube and getting openhab to pull the new config,

I’m interested in figuring out some of these “devops” tools, and this seems like a good fit to automatic teh pulling of a validated config.

I know of no tool that currently exists that will do this.

Ok, So do I need to break this down into smaller bits.

How to automate the edit somewhere (not my openhab server) and after commit, get my openhab server to pull it.

Or should this always be manual?