Value for a KNX 9.029=humidity is not shown in Paper UI

I installed a new temperature and humidity sensor to KNX-bus. Temperature and relative humidity (9.001 in °C and 9.007 in %) work fine but absolute humidity in g/m³ does not show the value in Paper UI. On KNX-Bus I can see the right value.

in things:
Type number : MDT_Feuchte_Abs1 “AbsFeucht1” [ ga=“9.029:<1/3/3” ] // 2Byte

in items:
Number MDT_Feuchte_Abs1 “MDT_Feuchte_Abs1” (EG_Technik, gTemperature) [“Humidity”] {channel=“knx:device:bridge:generic:MDT_Feuchte_Abs1”}

What do I miss or where to define right value in OH?

OH2.5.3 docker in QNAP NAS

Thanks for hints in right direction