Valuecolor of item not updated in all screens

I have an Item that displays chance of Frost:

String Frost "chance on Frost" [%s]" <frost>

As I wanted the item to change its valuecolor, I defined it in the sitemap, in the ‘Weather frame’ as follows:

Text item=Frost valuecolor=[Freeze>2="green", Freeze>0="orange", Freeze<0="blue"]

If a group item (called “Freeze”) changes, I have a rule that updates it with “YES” or “no”, depending on whether any of the group temps drops to zero or below.

Works great, dynamic frost-yes, frost-no icons work as well, colorchange worked well
All great

But… i also wanted it to appear in my ‘Plants’ group (that is part of a different frame, my "Home and Garden frame)

So, I added a group to the item as follows (I just added a group to the existing, did not duplicate the item)

String Frost "chance on Frost" [%s]" <frost> (Plants)

and yes the item now appears on my ‘Plants’ screen as well as in my ‘Weather’ screen.

But here comes: the value Yes/no gets updated perfectly and the dynamic icon works well in both screens, but only in my ‘Weather’ screen the value color gets updated, in my Plants screen it is not. Ditto if I try labelcolor

So… what did I do wrong… and to be clear… I only defined the item in the sitemap file and once in the items file, so it really is the same item, I just added a group to it

You did nothing wrong. When you put a Group on your sitemap, only the defaults for Items apply. In other words only the default element applies (e.g. Switch is always siren shown with a toggle) so none of the dynamic sitemap features are possible.

TL;DR if you want to customize how your items appear on your sitemap you must put each on the sitemap individually and avoid the use of Group.

OK thanks, so does that mean that in my sitemap I would need to to define the same item “Frost” twice, or more, with the same name, if I want it to appear in 2 or more screens?

Yes. Sitemaps are not very friendly in that regard.

I’m probably going to eventually switch to HABpanel at some point. It is more attractive and more customizable. I just haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Indeed, they are not. I have quite some deep layers of nested subgroups. Not easy to do with frames in a sitemap easy to lose count of the closong accolades. Smarthomedesigner a must.
Will give habpanel a better look, but not sure if that is any good for my phone.

I will probably keep my present sitemap and try build another one on the side… with all the required elements