Values are not displayed in the widgets

I installed the latest version of OH3 and started with the basic conf. As a first try, I installed the weather binding and also the NTP binding. Everything is online and looks good. Unfortunately, I can not see any values on the standard widgets. Means, when I move to model → item → there is no value. In some widgets are lines but I don’t want this. I want to see the right number. what I’m doing wrong? Thx.


what do you mean by Model → Item?
Are you using the semantic model?

Maybe you can post a screenshot of the behavior which is not desired?


Hi Jonathan,

yes, correct, I use the semantic model. Please have a look on the screenshots. Thanks a lot!


What is this Item linked to?

Hi @wauwau

Did you define State Descriptions for the Item?

Sometimes, when you had one and removed it, there may stay some orphaned Code parts that prevent the UI from using the correct state transformation. You can check the code tab of the state description for this.


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