Values Door/Motion on Basic UI vanish --> happens on multiple zwave devices

My Motion sensor reports look like:

When BASIC UI is already loaded the detected motion gets reported:

However when the BASIC UI is not already loaded or I click F5 the current state (which should still be ON OFF) are just blank:

I have something similar;
When I load Basic UI, (fresh or press F5) I get

But letting it auto refresh (waiting for new value from MQTT binding), I loose some info;

yours is a known bug:

updated to latetst nightly … still values get lost on ui

anybody who can confirm thats known / not known / uncommon?

You referred yourself to the open issue
So what is your question?

@kai please see post 1
ist not the formatting thats vanishing… its the value itself (ON / OFF)

btw enjoy venice :wink: take a rest go offline :upside_down:

Ah, ok, sorry, you are of course right, I didn’t read the thread carefully enough.
What exactly do you mean by “the BASIC UI is not already loaded”?

btw enjoy venice :wink: take a rest go offline :upside_down:

Haha, you seem to follow me on Twitter, thanks :wink:
But the only rest I get are rest apis…

:joy: rest api

If you take a look at post 1:

When I go that item the value is initially BLANK as on the 2nd screenshot of the binary sensor.
When I now start to open / close the sensor the value keeps getting updated: ON OFF ON …
So status updates are fine when they do happen when I already did load that page in the webbrowser.

When I come back to the same page later its again blank until a new update comes to the sensor while the page is again already loaded. so it looks like the state of that item gets instantly lost after it was updated.

all other values like temp etc are ok and the last state is always shown on the ui.

Same issue for me. Temperatures are OK but contact values are not “persistent” like describe by shorty707.
In my case, I don’t have ZWave but KNX.


@Kai so we probably talk about more than a bug in a specific binding?

Well, sounds like a initial rendering problem in the Basic UI then?
Feel free to enter an issue at for the Basic UI.

Also happens on classic UI.

What @shorty707 describes are not contacts, but switches - ON / OFF are no valid commands for contacts.
So does defining a Switch instead of Contact solve your issue?

Chris changed that …shows now Open / Close

But still state is non persistent on any ui

Happens for me on Motion Sensor and Door/Window

Please add any information that could help to point to the issue