Var in the .Items files?

Hi all,
i am facing a situation where i want to change the item binding based on a value set to a variable or string item
in XBMC binding the item is defined in Items file with {direction}[{host}|{property}], now i want the host value to change for the same item based on a value set on a different variable or string item

is that possible ?

No, that’s not possible.

thank you again @Udo_Hartmann :slight_smile: I managed to overcome that with a longer manipulation with rules
would have been much faster and effective if it was supported :slight_smile:

But that is not the way openHAB works.
Each hardware which shall be controlled individually has to have individual items.
So, if you have e.g. four xbmcs, you have to define four sets of items, one set for each xbmc.
Of course, you don’t have to see all items, you can use the visibility property to hide items, or you can use a set of unbound items and pass-through the input dependent of another item (just like your imagination).

@Udo_Hartmann thanks for the explanation, my idea was actually that I have as you just mentioned :slight_smile: 4 Kodi enabled devices across the house, and what I wanted to do was to have
1-a single control Dimmer for the sound
2- single switch for player
3- button to play a common playlist on any of the devices
so I wanted to have a destination selection button which automatically changes the destination item for the above 3 controls :slight_smile:
thanks again for your help and explanations :slight_smile: