Vehicle integration

I have seen the Tesla binding, but are there any other brands with an open API to integrate them into openHAB?

You own an i3? Great!
I am jealous!
I would have one if there was an option to charge.
In my area in Hamburg there are a lot of appartment buildings from the early 19xx with no parking garage and there are not yet enough open street charging stations.
Is this option available on other BMW models as well?


Don’t know, but maybe this is an option for you:


So you did it just for fun :wink:

I will check out the BMW thread.

Yepp, just using the search button … and own a Volvo :rofl:

I’m also interested.
I own a 8 speed nexus bike.

@NCO: Sorry,but I couldn’t resist😊


I have a python script that integrates into BMW Connected Drive and Volvo VOC API. Both work great. I’m cleaning it up and will post to GitHub when ready.

Works on all models that can connect to ConnectedDrive and VOC.

My HabPanel looks like this:

Damn, I need to buy a new Volvo, my S60 does not have VOC …:joy:


I don’t have any experience but possibly something using the ODB2 port?


Can you share you script? I have a 2017 XC90 and is looking for a way to do this with HomeSeer.

@pmpkk I’m also interested in your piece of code, thank you!

Looks great.
Are your vehicle icons svg format?

Would you mind sharing your xc90 icon?

Hey… I’m using the Volvo On Call binding to get get data from VOC and that works great. I’ve taken the HABPanel widget from your github and imported it but I can’t get the fuel gauge to work… I can’t work out what the equivilent channel within the binding would be for the item you’ve called “volvo_fuelAmountLevelName”. any clues??

Which one are you looking for?
I know:
Fuel left (liters i Guess)
Fuel level (%)
Distance left (in km I use only this)

Anyone successfully ported this to an OPENHAB 3 WIDGET using yaml for pages?