Vektiva binding (Smarwi support)

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I have prepared Vektiva binding which supports the Smarwi thing (

All you need to do is the following:

  1. download snapshot version from
  2. copy the downloaded .jar to addons folder of your OH2 install
  3. open PaperUI and add a new thing Smarwi provided by Vektiva binding
  4. configure local IP address of your Smarwi device
  5. enable Websockets, if you are running 203.2.4+ FW for better user experience (experimental)
  6. save

If you’ve done everything OK, the thing should change the state to ONLINE and exposes only one channel “control” of type RollerShutter.

items file example:

Rollershutter Smarwi "Smarwi [%d %%]" (room) { channel="vektiva:smarwi:5d43c74f:control" }
Dimmer SmarwiD "Smarwi [%.1f]" <smarwi> (room) { channel="vektiva:smarwi:5d43c74f:control" }

Note: If you are running any version prior to 203.3.0, do not forget to upgrade to the latest version via the UI!

If you are looking for the smarwi icon, please feel free to download and put it in your icons/classic directory of OH2 install:

P.S. I have prepared a pull request to OH2 master -

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