Velbus Binding by Signum connection

Hi Community,

I have a Velbus Signum Module, and I want to work also with the openhab by TCP Connection with the Signum.

I can install the Velbus binding,
Then I choose network bridge,
when I put in the IP address of the signum with port 80, then the status of the Bridge is Online.

But I can’t scan the other modules on the velbus interface.

When I manually add the modules as an item, they come online,
But I can’t control them are read them out.

Do I need to make another TCP connection?
Can I connect through the Signum module are not?

Thanks a lot for the help


You need to use the same port as VelbusLink does to connect to Signum. (Which can be found in the Signum configuration pages)

Port 80 is for the web interface.

Are you looking to setup two separate UI solutions? Or adding functionality to Signum?


Hi Stuart,
I’m also trying to connect to my signum server module passing by OpenHab app (version 2.18.0) on android device.
I’ve set the connection like so: https://192.168.x.x:27015/, based on the informations found in the signum DDNS config page ( capture is attached), x.x are my local network digits, I’ve used the velbuslink port (27015).
I’ve also set the user name and password: everything is displayed in green and confirms me that i’m properly connected.
But when going back to the main page, the loading weel just spins for ever and doesn’t find anything…
any clue?

Best Regards


And if I set the adress like so https://192.168.x.x/8443/ or http://192.168.x.x/8080/, then I can see the “things” of my local installation with their Addresses, I can act on them , turn the lights ON/OFF, Open/Close the sutters but I cannot edit the page and add widgets and so.
see attached screenshot.




I’m a little confused.

Are you trying to use the openHAB app to connect to Signum?

I’m not sure that’s possible, as Signum isn’t set to use basicUI sitemaps. (By rights, Signum is something seperate from openHAB)

What @dewulfv was trying to do was to connect the Velbus binding of an existing openHAB setup to a Velbus network, using the Velbus binding in openHAB, but via a TCP connection in Signum.

Can you outline what you’re trying to achieve?

If you’re having trouble with Signum, I would suggest using the Velbus Forum or sending an email to the signum support email address.


I would strongly advise against opening ports on your home router, especially common ports like 80 & 443.