Velbus binding


i have found an very old post on google 19.12.12 from v detez that he had an binding for velbus but i cant find anything about velbus binding

can anyone help??

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There are search results in Google that point to the obsolete repository at, but the search result links won’t take you there.

I now about the search results on google and the dead links
so i have tried to get some help help over the forum

Am 26.01.2016 um 11:05 schrieb watou:

That’s what I’m trying to do! Have a great day! :slightly_smiling:


Did you found the velbus binding? I also searching for quite soms time without any luck.


Any news on a velbus openhab binding?
I have a velbus setup at home and I want to connect it to openhab.
I’m willing to develop or extend an existing binding, but I have no knowledge of java or eclipse.
I do have perl/php programming skills.

Any help is appreciated!


For who is interested, I have create a set of perl scripts that can be used to integrate velbus in openHAB.
It will monitor the bus and push changes via the REST API to openHAB.
It also includes a webservice so you send commands from openHAB to velbus.

This is ‘work-in-progress’ and I’m constantly fine tuning and adding features.
But if you want to help in beta-testing, let me know :slight_smile:


Hey Cool,
i am waiting some time to get a response, i can help beta testing

I posted my code on github:

It’s working for me.
For installation instructions, I have on my TODO that I try to get these scripts up-and-running in a new ubuntu installation so I can document the needed steps.
Idem for documentation, the code is not that difficult to read, but I need to write some instructions and explanation.

I’m also facing a problem where an item is updated by openHAB and velserver and this is causing a loop in my software.
The problem is that I can’t use the REST API to update the state, I can only update the item.
But this is causing a loop :frowning:


I think I solved the loop problem.
I updated my code on github.



I seen you are using velserv to connect to the velbus, i am using it on a raspi to config my system from the beginning.

Is it possible to use my raspi velserv with your addon in openhab, with a change in the velbus.cfg??


Yep, just change the config file and change the IP and/or port as needed.
In my case everything, including the mysql, is running on the same server.

If you want to try my code, don’t forget to update to update the ‘use lib’ statement with correct directory.
I can create an install script for that if you needed.


Ok cool

Yes i will try your code but i did not understand your explanation

don’t forget to update to update the ‘use lib’ statement with correct
a script is cool but not only for me :slight_smile:

The next problem is had to learn howto Openhab i am completely new…


What I wanted to say is that my scripts are placed in /data/velserver. This path is hard coded in some places so if you put the scripts somewhere else, you have to update the paths in my scripts to the new location.
A quick 'grep -r /data/velserver ’ will show you the various places.

My scripts are working, at least for me :wink:
The next days I’m going to write some documentation and clean up my code.



Thats great news. I have a JVelbusd server running on a raspberry pi. Could anyone assist in getting openhab to work with velbus? Currently I have a working openremote installation with velbus. But it seems a bit limited so I am looking at openhab.

I am even willing to pay for the configuration.

Anyone willing to help. I have basic Linux skills but no programming or openhab skills.

I wrote some software to connect Velbus and openHAB:

It’s written in perl.
I just finished configuring a PI with my software and will update the documentation this evening.
One part is a logger that scans the messages on the bus and push changes to openHAB.
The other part is a simple webservice so openHAB can send commands to the bus.

Let me know if I can help.


Cool Stef. Alvast bedankt. Ik krijg die dingen wel geconfigureerd. Gewoon
een step by step zou super zijn. Ik wil gerust helpen waar ik kan

I’m trying to setup the velbus binding with openhab2.

I’m new to openhab, but not to velbus.
Openhab2 is running on my synology NAS
Velserv is running on a raspberry running raspbian.

I installed the velbus binding also on the raspberry.
I’m using the internal webserver and the internal database

I created the velbus items file and a basic sitemap.

I’m running the in a screen session and the webserver in another screen server.

The status of my buttons are updated in openhab2 when I press my physial buttons.
The status is also updated on page /velserver/

But I can’t control my lights connected to a VMB4RY

I see something constantly polling for my lights and the on / off command is when i check the webserver.log file

2017-11-16_12-37-19 [] GET /velserver/
2017-11-16_12-37-20 [] GET /velserver/
2017-11-16_12-37-22 [] GET /velserver/
2017-11-16_12-37-24 [] GET /velserver/
2017-11-16_12-37-26 [] GET /velserver/
2017-11-16_12-37-27 [] GET /velserver/
2017-11-16_12-37-29 [] GET /velserver/
2017-11-16_12-37-30 [] GET /velserver/

But no commands are executed in the RAW log …

Any idea what is wrong ?

Does it has to poll all the time ? I thaught item states where pust with the rest api to openhab ?


Nevermind, have this almost working. the url’s in the item file where wrong (replaced /velserver/ by /service)
Also JSON transformations addon was’nt installed in openhab

Have you seen this forum post?