Velux Version Confusion


just to be sure, I installed the Velux Binding from paper ui. Is this the latest version (1.14?). And I found different sources about a v1 binding and a v2 binding.

It does not seem to be working, I have configured my KLF 200, setup the ip-address, however this is all I get in the logs:

2020-11-07 21:47:17.222 [WARN ] [.binding.velux.internal.VeluxBinding] - updated(): unknown configuration entry
2020-11-07 21:47:17.223 [INFO ] [.binding.velux.internal.VeluxBinding] - veluxConfig[bridgeProtocol=slip,bridgeIPAddress=,bridgeTCPPort=51200,bridgePassword=********,timeoutMsecs=1000,retries=7,refreshMsecs=15000,isBulkRetrievalEnabled=true]


That depends a LOT on your (unknown) version of openHAB.

There are indeed two versions of the binding:

Assuming you’re running the latest 2.5.x version of openHAB, you want to install the Velux binding with the highest version number available to you!

Checking the documentation, the Velux binding is flagged as V1, but shows configurations for openHAB Things - the concept of Things didn’t exist in V1! Not sure why it’s confusing the two versions.

Here is the (long) forum topic for the V2 binding:

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I noticed it was not available in 2.4 & earlier. It might have been added during a 2.5 patch release. That is why I questioned the OH version run by the OP.

Hi, thanks for the hint. I did not have the latest openhab version installed… (2.5.0 instead of 2.5.10). First it showed:

velux bridge connection successfully established but login failed.

But with the help of the mega-thread I was able to find out that the password is the wifi password not the web-interface one…




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