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Anyone have experience with ?

I ordered a Fibaro FGK-104 10 days ago and according to their website it still hasn’t shipped after 10 days. I’ve emailed, chatted on messenger and left voice mail asking about the order and gotten no feedback so far.

I have not but since they are in the US, I assume you are in North America. has excellent service and support and they have been very helpful in getting Zooz devices supported in openHAB.

I’ve ordered from smartesthouse and didn’t have any issues with them.

Near as I can tell smarthome-products is the only online retailer with that particular Fibaro sensor in North America.

A bit late but I read up on this business via the Better Business Bureau website and they have an F rating. Seven one star reviews. On their webpage they claim to be BBB accredited but that is a lie.

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Definitely do not trust at all. The rude idiot just called me to say my order has been canceled because the product is on backorder. His website or the order confirmation email never said anything about backorder. And it took twelve days for him to actually take any action. Can’t trust anyone that runs their business like that.

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