Venetian blinds - but without a wired switch


i need the help of the community :wink:

My problem:
my grandma lives in the same house as me. In the next year we want to switch our apartments.
She want to have some venetian blinds (outdoor).

My idea was to buy a venetian blinds for every window and to wire it outside the house (I don’t want to open whole walls indoor and lay cables). I think i can then put a “smart Roller Shutter device (Fibaro)” into the venetian blinds.

But how can my grandma control them? I think she is needing a “physical switch”.
Remote control going to openHAB? Can i put a “smart rollershutter switch” into the walls and control them with openhab?

Is someone here with a solution?

Greetings Mike

Your grandma can use anything that can be integrated into openhab:

Google /alexa smart speaker and voice commands
Wifi / ZigBee /zwave switches, either standalone out integrated into an existing wallswitch