Venstar Binding and Homekit - Setpoints Incorrectly Converting


I have HomeKit up and running and recently got Fahrenheit values for my temperature monitors and Venstar thermostat working. I have the HomeKit settings set to “use Fahrenheit” and the Venstar Thermostat identified in the Home app shows it is using Fahrenheit.

I am successfully receiving a Fahrenheit temperature value of “66” which is showing in the Home app as the current temp on the Thermostat - all good so far.

My setpoint values however are being converted from Fahrenheit TO Fahrenheit - meaning my current configured range of “67-72” is showing as “153-162” in the Home app. I’ve tried all sorts of things to resolve this, but can’t figure it out. The setpoint items are configured as Point>Setpoints with a type of Number:Temperature. Similarly, my current temperature item is also a Point->Measurement with type Number:Temperature. I would expect the setpoint values not to get further converted to Fahrenheit again, but they seem to. Changing the types from Setpoint to Measurement has no effect. How can I resolve/troubleshoot this?

Thank you!

this sounds like a bug in the homekit implementation.

[homekit] UoM not checked. temperature get converted from Fahrenheit to Fahrenheit / · Issue #11957 · openhab/openhab-addons · GitHub

i will take a deeper look on this next week.

I’m assuming that if you take HomeKit out of the picture, that the OH pages DO function correctly?