Ventilation unit not working in OpenHAB 2.3, XML file is not populated with fanModes

I have the following device:


which I did not get to work after an upgrade to OpenHAB 2.3 and simultaneously a full rebuild of the Z-wave network (another thread…)

In OH2.3 I could not set fan modes or thermostat values, as the fanModeTypes in the XML-file was not populated - it seems the binding should retrieve that from the z-wave device, but apparently fails at doing so:

2018-06-07 21:51:03.059 [WARN ] [s.ZWaveThermostatFanModeCommandClass] - NODE 44: requesting fan mode types, set request ignored (try again later)

and I could observe that the fanModeTypes node in the associated XML-file was empty. I tried stopping OH, deleting the XML-file, and restarting but it did not help.

What I did was to copy in the XML-file from backup, from my previous OH2.2 installation, where I found


(I had to change node number and also homeId when I used the old XML-file).

After this, the unit works, I can control the fan speed and the thermostat for the heat recycler, but I fear there is a bug somewhere in that OH2.3 was not able to retrieve those fanModeTypes from the unit.

Working XML-file, pre-OH-2.3, but manually edited:
node44.xml (12.3 KB)

Non-working, OH2.3 XML-file:
node44-notworking.xml (10.2 KB)