Vera MIos 2019

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Wroking on setting up openHAB to control lights on a Vera. I have updated mios.cfg with my IP address, converted my miosLoad file to a house.items file. I am stuck on where to put this file and how to access these items. It appears I am maybe 3 years old as all of the documentation ends in 2017. Is there a new process or am I missing a big step?

New to openHab. Looking to set up zwave lights to be controlled with my Harmony Remote buttons

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You should be able to just put your house.items file into the /items directory and OH will automatically read it…
then create a sitemap file in the /sitemap directory to begin interacting with them.

There doco is here:

This method works well - i used it for several years… however it is slightly slow…due to Vera being slow…
So consider getting a Aeotec Zstick and use this…but do this once you have got comfortable on OH and realise its incredible power!

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That I v1 binding. Is there a v2 one in development?

I have made the sitemap and items file but it is just kicking my butt. Where do I save them. I have added default.sitemap to /conf/sitemap but it still won’t let me into the basic UI.

There has to be an easier way. Can someone make a quick video or chat as this must be just some basic steps missed.

I am not sure that’s the proper place. The user running openHAB has an environment variable OPENHAB_CONF that point to the correct place. Use the sitemaps folder thetre.

That location varies depending on installation type.

You don’t mention what OS you are running on and how you installed OH. If on Linux the default location to put all text based config files is /etc/openhab2. So the .sitemap file would go in /etc/openhab2/sitemaps.

If you manually installed (Windows, Mac, manually on Linux) that folder is going to be where ever you unzipped OH to /conf. For example, c:\openhab2\conf\sitemaps might be the location of the sitemaps files.

See the “File locations” section of the installation instructions for your OS for details (e.g. here is the location for Linux).

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@rikoshark. It is a manual install on mac. I have added the file to \openhab2\conf\sitemaps I made sure sitemap is default and name of the file is default.sitemap.

I have specified the default name of the sitemap in the paperUI. I must still be missing something.

How are you trying to view the sitemap?