Verification of Openhabian download

Hello together,

I’m searching for a fingerprint of my Openhabian 1.3 download to verify the download. Can someone tell me where I can find a md5 or sha256 fingerprint for it?


There :smiley:

OK, thanks.

That’s really easy :roll_eyes: . Sometimes it will help to open my eyes.

But if I try “crc32 filename” in the terminal the fingerprint doesn’t match. Do I use the wrong algorithm?

Hey Tino, thanks for making me aware of this issue :smiley:
The checksum is indeed not quite correct. It is the checksum of the img file itself but the xz compressed archive has of course a different checksum.

I’ve created a ticket for the issue and will take care of this before the next openHABian release. If you would like to help you are invited to create a pull request!

Hello Thom,

I’d like to help, but I do not really know what a pull request is and what it is good for. I have to read the documentation and sign in on GitHub first. So it will take some time.

I decompressed the image, checked the crc again and than it matched. So I think I can set the status of this thread to solved.

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Hi I would like to „reopen“ this post by asking, if I can find somewhere official sha256 checksums for the openhabian images.

I really would like to use openhabian, but also want to ensure my download can be verified.

Does this make sense?

Thank you in advance,