Version 2.1.0 broken: wrong URL

Since the newest app was automatically installed, I cannot access my openHAB server anymore. Looking into the Apache access log revealed, that the URL is wrong:

“GET /api/v1/settings/notifications HTTP/1.1” 404
“GET /rest/bindings HTTP/1.1” 404
“GET /rest/sitemaps HTTP/1.1” 404

The URL I configured is: https://myhost.mydomain/openhab

Until the new app version became broken, the correct URLs, i.e. /openhab/rest/bindings, /openhab/rest/sitemaps etc. were used. But now it ignores the “openhab” prefix!

Please fix this as soon as possible. The app is completely unusable this way!

If that is the case you should file an issue to get the attention of the developers.

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Can you give us more information? The best would be to create an issue and fill out the template.

No need for an issue report. I can reproduce. Fix is here:

@nlmarco You can download an apk with the fix here.

Thanks a lot! I downloaded + installed the APK and it works fine.

@nlmarco Can you test if it still works for your setup with this apk?