Version - Update of OH

Is it a correct understanding that OH is periodically updating itself with current versions?
How do I find which version of Openhab and bindings I’m currently running?


Openhab 2.x

AFAIK OH won’t update itself. Ypu have to initiate the update yourself.
My common method for checking the version is just login to the console. The current version should be written there.

No, openHAB will never update itself without a very special configuration.

In fact, it’s a bad idea to auto update such a complex software, think about breaking changes, you will have to take care about this sort of thing.

goto this link and look at the bottom of the screen and it tells you the version.


OK ty folks.

And how do I found out if there is a newer version of a binding available?

Somehow that was all easier in OH1.

:slight_smile: How did you find out in OH1?

last builds can be found under

you will almost everytime have to update openHAB completely.
If updating only an addon, it’s very likely that some parts of the addon will also need an updated core.

If using the debian-like installation (apt, openhabian) you can get information about current version by using

sudo apt update && apt show openhab2

to get all available versions, add an -a at the end.

Actually openhab core has an API promise so it does not break existing APIs. This somehow changed with our buildsystem swap, because we updates all kind of libraries as well in the process.

But usually openhab core is compatible to new add-ons and also older add-ons.

With OH3 the way releases happen might also change to semantic versioning for even better compatibility.

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In OH1 the binding version was given in the filename which you downloaded…