Vertical Slider missing lower value on startup and layout saving bug

I see 2 bugs in the current release, not sure if that is only on my setup.

  1. When ticks are disabled but the limit values are enabled. On the initial load of the slider I do not see the lower limit but NaN instead of the value. After moving the slider it fixes the value.

  2. This is weird one. When saving a layout to the server with the advanced settings option. the layout of the the panels on the first screen gets reset to the single column and colour scheme gets reset to default.
    When I set it up back to multiple columns and save with the green save button on the individual panel edit page it is fine.

Yeah I encounted this already, I found it very erratic and it’s a somewhat known angular-slider bug. The initial rendering of angular-slider frankly is kind of buggy. Tried to make things better a while ago without much success.

Weird indeed, if you could check your Javascript console when moving the main menu tiles around (Chrome’s “F12” developer tools on your desktop is the best for that) and see if you get errors, it would help.

  1. so its a feature, will learn to live with it.
  2. I do not see any errors, It happens when I type the name of the layout to overwrite the existing one

Definitely not a feature, but I don’t know how to address the issue reliably yet. :slight_smile:

I’ll also have a look at your other problem, it baffles me too…