vESPrino - (@Indiegogo) quickly pimp your OpenHAB

Hi Guys,

I was discussing with a couple Home Automation communities a simple device that you can use to quickly extend your system. After few months of development and multiple failed prototypes i am finally ready and started a crowdfunding campaign to make it happen.
vESPrino - the IOT Dongle @Indiegogo
Short video presentation of my creation

It is a small USB Powered device, that has Button and RGB Led. Via Serial Port you can configure it to connect to OpenHAB and either trigger event with the button, or led the LED shine some color. It is based on the ESP8266 WiFi module
There is also a variety of sensors that can be easily plugged in - w/o wires- E.g. Gesture or RFID sensor. Or some display to which you can send messages from OpenHAB Also there are the standard LUX and Temperature sensors, and few others.

The primary goal is for people to quickly and cheaply jump into developing IOT apps, but i believe it has also potential for Home automation scenarios

In the few days it has been on, i got some quite interesting suggestions, so it would be great to hear feedback also from you. E.g. make the extensions pluggable and concealed in small boxes (no cables!), add IR Sender/Receiver

Regards, Vladimir