Vesync Smart Plug

Hey everyone,

I’m just curios if somebody is using smart plugs that are using the Vesync protocol.
As there is a binding that is working with humidifiers I would suggest, if the interest is big enough, to enhance the existing binding to support smart plugs that are using the Vesync protocol.

When looking through the source code of the original binding I found that every device that is connected to the Vesync account will be found by the binding. I would say that this will be my entry point. So if the interest for this enhancement is big enough I would start developing it. As I am not the CODEOWNER of the original binding I’m also interested in how I should start developing this enhancement (branching, etc.)

Waiting for your feedback and opinion on this topic!

Don’t let us stop you. If this solves a problem for you, go do it! Someone will want to use it eventually.

As for the process, you’ll want to fork the repo, create a branch for your work and create a PR from that branch. You can label the PR with “[WIP]” to indicate that it’s a work in progress until you are ready for a review and merging.

Hey everyone,

so I’ve started developing and also raised a new PR.
It would be great if someone else could test this binding.
Here you will find the jar file: Release [VeSync][WIP] Add support for energy week and energy month · marcelGoerentz/openhab-addons (
And here is the PR: [VeSync] Add outlets to the supported devices by marcelGoerentz · Pull Request #15343 · openhab/openhab-addons (

Thanks in advance!