Via Paper UI created groups lost their function after restart

After setting up latest snapshot versions of OH2 and restarting the groups created via the new group item function of Paper UI the values like sum, avg and so on get lost.

Does anybody else test the new feature and has this behavior?

Have you got persistence set up? Without that, no values are stored for use after a restart.

Thanks for your reply. I don’t have persistence set up and currently don’t know how do this.

But up to now is thought all settings via Paper UI are stored in mapdb. If there is a 3rd way additionally to text-files and mapdb OH2 gets very complicated :wink:

Maybe @Kai can clarifiy this?

I just tested it and you are right - the group function is not correctly (at all…) persisted in the mapdb storage. This is clearly a bug.

May I ask you to enter an issue at

Thank you for pointing me to the right issue tracker :smile:

@Heiko_Fanieng Good call, nice catch. I’ve been noticing quite a few peculiarities with the nightlies lately. Need to roll back and see if it’s a nightly thing or a bug with my rapidly changing system.