Video doesn't work

First of all many thanks for the new Android version. It works very well and looks good!

But unfortunately the element type’Video’ still does not work correctly. I also had problems in the previous version. From time to time the video is displayed, but usually not.

I want to stream a video from another Pi running MotionEyePi.

The video is integrated in the sitemap as follows:

Frame label="Live" icon="camera" {
	Video url="http://motioneyepi:8081" encoding="mjpeg"

The settings of the MJPEG stream of MotionEyePi look like this:

The video is displayed correctly in the web browser. However, not in the app.
Does somebody has any idea?

In Android app ? In this case, it is probably because you are connecting to OH with HTTPS while your video URL is HTTP.
Known bug.
Try to connect with HTTP and your video would probably play.

Thanks for the hint. That sounds plausible.

I just tried, but if I use as my remote URL, I can’t log in and get the response 401.

Is it even possible to login via MyOpenHab Cloud without SSL?

This works fine for me (Android Beta App, but also did work with “older” versions):

Video url="" encoding="mjpeg"

I am connected right now via https to the myopenHAB cloud.

Only downside since a long time: the app only shows one stream, it never shows two or more streams like:

Video url="" encoding="mjpeg"
Video url="" encoding="mjpeg"

I guess you have to find that problem in your lan connection or camera stream.

The issue I am talking about was reproduced with a local connection. Maybe it is different for a connection thtough myopenhab.

Local connection works fine, too. But still only one stream, though.

Yes, you’re right.

Video on works.

Only videos on the local https://openhabianpi:8443 do not work. If this is changed to http://openhabianpi:8080, it works perfectly.

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The existing issue: