Video in sitemap breaks UI

Just wondering if anyone else is having this problem. I have several webcams that I have on my sitemap. Anytime I put a “Video url='http://…” in the sitemap, it basically stops rendering from that point on.

Latest OH2 from snapshot. Thanks,

So no one uses Video of their IP cameras in OH2?

I have same problem. I use ip cam and wanted to display it on OH2. But if i use video url=“http://” it display video widget not feed from camera.

If i use Webview url=“http://…” It display feed from ip cam but video height was too small to see the entire video. I have been trying to find a way to fix this but none works so far

Alright, so I’m not the only one. I think I’m going to wait a few months to see if OH2 gets better. Seems like alot of little things don’t seem to work very well. I have a pretty complicated setup I guess, I tried just about everything I could think of to get it working, and can’t seem to get it right.

I have the same problem as well. @Kai is this a known issue?

Not to me.
Here is the prove that it is working in general:
Basic UI:
Classic UI:

It doesn’t work for just about any of the Foscam or Foscam type camera’s. You used to be able to use this :
Video url=“” encoding=“mjpeg”

That now shows a video player, but no content at all. I’m not sure the purpose of the video would be if it’s not streaming from a live device. The demo is just playing an mpg file.

Same here.

This worked with OH1 and my Trendnet Cam.

Text label="Stream" icon="Security-Camera-icon" {
    Video label="vidstream" icon="video" url="" encoding="mjpeg"

With OH2 beta3 it only shows the player


Yea, I have 7 cams, 4 different models, none of them work w/ beta3. It’s the only reason I haven’t looked at moving to OH2. I’ve been cherry picking things here and there and have my own 1.8 version which works w/ the cameras, and I also put the sliders back in the up/down buttons drove me nuts.

Note that the Classic UI should in theory be identical between OH1 and OH2 - at least I had always ask that any change done to the OH1 version is ported to ESH. So it would have to be analyzed WHY there is a different behavior and if some OH1 fix might have been missed to be ported. Are you aware of any issue in OH1 that addressed a similar issue?

I have been running 1.8 since I started w/ OH, and it’s always worked. I had kept up with things on GIT up until the slider’s were stripped out. So if anything it would have to be something from that point on. I am currently running 1.8.3(latest from git as of a few days ago), and I cherry picked what I needed to get the sliders back as that was a deal breaker for me.

So I guess technically I am running what’s currently in git for 1.8.3, and it works perfectly there. I can probably do some playing around to see why it doesn’t load properly here today. It certainly loads the player, but doesn’t show any video. Has the player been upgraded or changed in any way?

OK, so in 1.8.3 when doing video you get this markup :

<img style="padding:10px;width:90%" src="proxy?sitemap=default.sitemap&amp;widgetId=00030101">

When doing it in 2.0b3 you get this :

<video style="padding:10px;width:90%" autoplay="" controls="" src="../proxy?sitemap=default.sitemap&amp;widgetId=0001"></video>

Though, when opening the proxy URL directly I do get video. Also, using chrome’s inspector, if I change the video tag to img it does work. Obviously that’s not a workable solution.

Just another note on this. Using the “video” method as b3 does, if you right click on the video and select “save video”, it saves to a “proxy.txt” file which has the contents of :
failed: exceed max clients.

The video tag will likely never work for an mjpeg encoding unless something in the backend is going to convert it from mjpeg to mp4. The Video tag is only made to display Ogg, MP4, or WebM. I own a bunch of cameras, and only one of them supports MP4 output, but it’s at a lower quality than a pretty standard mjpeg.

Thanks for your analysis - this clearly hinted at a different implementation between OH1 and ESH and diving into the repos, I indeed noticed that a fix from early 2014 had never been ported to ESH. I have done so now with and also adapted the Basic UI at the same time. I successfully tested both UIs with a mjpeg camera that I have at home. The change will be availlable in the OH2 distro in a few days!

Thank you sir! I’ll test it when it’s out.

I noticed that it got merged today, do you have an idea when that will be updated to the apt-get install from cloudbees? Or is this something that I could maybe grab sooner?

Really wish there was a good writeup on how to build an install from source. I know how to get it to run in the IDE, but not how to create the files to actually install.


The latest build from cloudbees already includes it - but it has some other problems that I want to fix until tonight, so I didn’t announce it yet. Feel free to have a try if it solves the video issue, though!

Just did an apt-get update/upgrade, and it did upgrade openhab2-online, though it still doesn’t work for an IP camera.

<video style="padding:10px;width:90%" autoplay="" controls="" src="../proxy?sitemap=home.sitemap&amp;widgetId=0001"></video>

Is what is rendered.

Sounds as if the update process isn’t working.
I just tried the online distro zip and it works - please have a try with that and report back!


I can confirm that the stream from my ipcam is displayed correctly again in both basic-ui and classic-ui.

I’m using build #410 now.

Thanks for fixing this.