Videos not displayed in iPhone app

I’ve tried searching for other posts, most not be using the proper terminology. I have a Video item in my sitemap that works great via web, but via iPhone nothing is displayed. Any thoughts?

Unfortunately there is no fix - the iphone app won’t display video feeds. You can get round it to a certain extent by using the image widget refreshing say every 200ms, but that is quite bugged. A continual annoyance…

Checking my notes, I see I tried using the webview widget as a workaround - doesn’t seem to work either.

This is about the tenth in a series of whines by me about the iphone app - somewhat pointless, as I lack the expertise to do anything about it, and I have the distinct impression there aren’t many people using it…


That’s really too bad, as I really like the iPhone app and the embedded OH notifications it now supports. I also do not have the skills to assist with the app dev - but would love to see these issues resolved.

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