Virtual home simulation based in piface

New software for #openhab made in gambas3 for emulate a piface over a raspberry pi and conected to a virtual home.

VirtualHomePiface is an application to simulate a house to be controlled by OpenHAB.

It is a “Gambas3” application that runs over linux. I developed it in Ubuntu 14.04.

It implements two protocols. You can choose which one do you want to use.

The first one is an emulation of a Piface+RaspberryPI connected to Lamps, Blinds, Push buttons and volumetric sensors. It use a lot of items more than the piface can manage, but it is not a problem to the binding manage IN/OUTs far the limit of 8 items the piface can manage.

The second one is a custom protocol based on UDP packets from and to OpenHAB. It use ASCII readable messages to switch ON/OFF Lamps, move UP/DOWN the blinds, know that a push button has benn pressed or a volumetric sensor is active.

VirtualHomePort is the listening port of the virtual piface, OpenHAB port is the monitor port as is described by the help of the binding in the wiki.

I publish the code to be used for everyone could be interested in test the possibilities of openHAB as I do with my students in my College. They are students of the “Ciclo Formativo de Grado Superior de Sistemas de Telecomunicación e Informáticos” at “IES Pacífico” in Madrid, SPAIN.

I will be very gratefull if someone improve the software integrating some one other protocol compatible with openHAB or other controller for home automation.

Thanks for listening to me, and enjoy yourself the software and , please, give some feedback.