Virtuell server and samsung not same gui


i just startet with openHAB on a virtuel Server.
i got as first the Astro part running under Paper UI.

i have a samsung tab4 running i add openHAB. when starting the HABPanel and connect to the server it is not the same view, why?

and is it possible to have the GUI on the Samsung with no option for modification, so everything have to be done on the server.

have a nice day

To switch from the local storage to a server-hosted panel configuration, go to the Settings page from the main menu or the side drawer (see below). A list of panel configurations will be presented in the Current storage configuration section; if only the “Local storage” option is available, click on the Save the current configuration to a new panel configuration link, give it a name to identify it (avoid spaces or special characters), and it should be added to the list. The radio button is also automatically checked, meaning it is now the active panel configuration.

@sihui thanks for the link, so there is a lots more to read :wink: