Vision Security ZT1101 Keyfob: Database entry

Hi there, I’m very new to this - trying openhab on RaspberyPi2 with an Aeotec Z-stick Gen5.
I have a couple of devices that are unrecognized, this is one of them.
Any assistance would be appreciated

“editable”: true,
“label”: “vision remote”,
“bridgeUID”: “zwave:serial_zstick:bbc13a18”,
“configuration”: {
“wakeup_node”: 1,
“group_5”: [],
“group_4”: [],
“wakeup_interval”: 21600,
“group_1”: [],
“group_3”: [],
“group_2”: []
“properties”: {
“zwave_class_basic”: “CONTROLLER”,
“zwave_class_generic”: “REMOTE_CONTROLLER”,
“zwave_frequent”: “false”,
“zwave_neighbours”: “”,
“zwave_version”: “15.9”,
“zwave_listening”: “false”,
“zwave_plus_devicetype”: “KEY_FOB”,
“zwave_deviceid”: “514”,
“zwave_nodeid”: “4”,
“zwave_routing”: “false”,
“zwave_wakeup_time”: “2018-09-27T13:19:16Z”,
“zwave_beaming”: “true”,
“zwave_class_specific”: “SIMPLE_REMOTE_CONTROLLER”,
“zwave_manufacturer”: “265”,
“zwave_devicetype”: “4098”

If it is battery powered you have to wake the device up a number of times for the binding to get a chance to figure out what it is. In my experience, remotes can take a large number of wakeups (10-12).

From the information you’ve presented, it looks like the device is discovered fine, so no need to wake it up again. The issue is simply that it’s not in the database…

See the link below for adding the device -:

Hi Folks, thankyou for the help so far.
I have attempted to put this device into the database but I think there is still something wrong with the ‘classes’ maybe they are incorrect in the database.
Can someone please check my last comment on this link and see if it makes any sense:

I have an .xml file if that helps.




should be?


What does not work? Errors in log?

Please post it here.

How do I post the .xml file here please?

The item won’t bind because the database doesn’t correctly match the device information. I do not have a log file.

Sure you have: userdata/logs events.log and openhab.log.

The question remains:

  1. Are you using the scene_number channel with a rule? What does your item state report in events.log?
  2. Are you using direct associations (the “Scene Activation …” association groups) to directly control other zwave devices without involving openHAB at all?

If 1) How does your items definition look like? Please post it. How does your rule look like? Please post it.
If 2) How are your associations configured?

The one you send me via PM looks fine, no need to edit anything.
I removed the “deprecated” tag from the scene_number channel, but that won’t have any effect on your problem, just cosmetics.

I am only at step zero.
I want to install openhab and bind a device.
I have not written any codes, nor do I know how.

I assume that the one I sent you does not match the database, and the database needs to be fixed. Please look at the ‘classes’ they do not match…

Is it possible for you to update the database with the .xml that I sent?

If you want to use the remote with openHAB, you need a rule to detect the scene_number channel.
You need to bind an item to that channel.
You need a rule triggering on that item.



Number YourItem { channel="zwave:device:yxyxyx:nodeyx:scene_number" }


rule "testing scene number"
    Item YourItem changed to yx
	// do something


changed to yx

to find the “yx” values you need to take a look into your events.log after you have set up the device (item linked to a channel, thing is online)

No, there is already a valid xml file:


Did you include the device properly?
Does it show “Online” in PaperUI (or HABmin)

no, it will not include because there is a problem with the database, the binding does not match the device correctly. The ‘classes’ are incorrect in the database. Am I wrong?


should be?


So what is the error message?
Switch the binding to DEBUG and post your logs:

No, that’s fine.

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