Vision ZD2102 no door sensor reported

Hi Sifu

I set up Openhab2 recently via apt-get on a Rapberry Pi 3 with daughter card. It works all fine except for my door sensors from Vision (ZD2102).
The Thing is showing up just fine with the correct channels but the door sensor won’t report.
Neither event.log nor openhab.log report anything towards the door sensor (battery-level 83% just works fine).

As this hangs behind a z-wave daughter card which has their own crappy UI I tried it via z-way-server as well. Apparantely in Z-way this sensor works just nice even for the door sensor. Therefore I do suspect the xml file is not correct but I don’t know where to start.
Perhaps I should mention my ZD2102 is a little older and should be V1 (rather than the zwave+ version they are selling now).

Let’s run this down on my node 11 (even yet I have more which behave the same).


    Contact Bedroom_Door            "Bedoom door"                                   { zwave="11:command=sensor_door" }
    Number  Bedroom_Door_Battery    "Bedroom door battery"                          { zwave="11:command=battery_level" }


`<ZWaveDevice schemaVersion="2"><descriptorVersion>1</descriptorVersion><deviceData><manufacturerId value="0109"/><productType value="2001"/><productId value="0102"/><libType value="06"/><protoVersion value="03"/><protoSubVersion value="34"/><appVersion value="04"/><appSubVersion value="54"/><basicClass value="04"/><genericClass value="20"/><specificClass value="01"/><optional value="true"/><listening value="false"/><routing value="true"/><beamSensor>0</beamSensor></deviceData><deviceDescription><description><lang xml:lang="en"/></description><wakeupNote><lang xml:lang="en"/></wakeupNote><inclusionNote><lang xml:lang="en"/></inclusionNote><productName/><brandName/><productVersion>4.84</productVersion></deviceDescription><commandClasses><commandClass id="0020" version="1" supported="true" controlled="false" secure="false" inNIF="false"/><commandClass id="0030" version="1" supported="true" controlled="false" secure="false" inNIF="true"/><commandClass id="0071" version="2" supported="true" controlled="false" secure="false" inNIF="true"/><commandClass id="0072" version="1" supported="true" controlled="false" secure="false" inNIF="true"/><commandClass id="0080" version="1" supported="true" controlled="false" secure="false" inNIF="true"/><commandClass id="0084" version="2" supported="true" controlled="false" secure="false" inNIF="true"/><commandClass id="0085" version="1" supported="true" controlled="false" secure="false" inNIF="true"/><commandClass id="0086" version="1" supported="true" controlled="false" secure="false" inNIF="true"/></commandClasses><assocGroups><assocGroup number="1" maxNodes="5"><description><lang xml:lang="en">Group 1</lang></description></assocGroup></assocGroups></ZWaveDevice>`

I do have several other nodes and rules running without any issues. Even another door sensor from Vision which is probably the newer zwave+ version (no idea how to differentiate on the hardware) Therefore I trust Openhab2 itself and network stability and similar can be excluded as source of this issue.

Anyone can point me to the solution? I spent the whole afternoon on try and errror as well styudiyng/searching but nothing seem to help.

If I am not completely wrong: this is the old style (OH1) of binding items to Z-Wave nodes. You can do this, but you will be missing the link to the channel in this case (unless you have already linked the item manually in PaperUI to the channel).

Try to use the channel directly in your item config:

Contact Bedroom_Door "Bedoom door" {channel="zwave:device:....}

You can get the exact channel names from PaperUI (browse to the thing)

Hi Angelis
Thanks for the advice. You where right that I had to link the channel manually.Unfortunately you where wrong with assuming this helps on my issue. Even with your suggestion it doesn’t report the door status but the battery.
Any other idea?

I have the a same/similar problem. Did you ever get it fixed?

I have five ZD-2102s All are well past the configuration stage. None of them report sensor status changes or battery levels. They seem to be setup fine on the controller. Habmin sees them. I used the items file to link the items to the channels. The channels come from that I copy and pasted through PaperUI. I see SOF changes whenever I trigger the contacts but no Thing updates. The association group lists “Controller Command.” I’ve seen a number of problems with these device on the forums but cannot follow a solution. Does it just need a DB update? Is it possible the command classes or something is just off?

Example from my items file:

Contact FF_Foyer_Entry_Sensor "Foyer Entry [%s]" <door> (FF_Foyer, Door) {channel="zwave:device:cab10335:node28:sensor_door"}
Number FF_Foyer_Entry_Battery "Foyer Entry Battery [%d %%]" <energy> (Status) {channel="zwave:device:cab10335:node28:battery-level"}

One there is a solution identified I will gladly post a video on YouTube for others to reference. These “Vision” security devices are available through MonoPrice at very reasonable prices so they may be popular.

Thank you,

Hi B34N

unfortunately not. I had overall 5 of them where I believe 2 are old ones (Zwave) and 3 are newer (Zwave plus). (I am not 100% sure about this, unfortunately there is no way of telling once you have the double sided tape over the label.

Currently I have the 2 working fine but the other 3 I had no luck.
Ultimately after an afternoon of fails I threw them in the bin and gave up.

I suspect it has something to do with the secure connection but I tried quite a bit and nothing helped.

The issue was with the configuration in the device database. I did some cleanup and the changes are in the latest version of the development zwave binding. If the bin doesn’t mean you threw them out, then you might want to try them now. :slight_smile: