Vision/Zipato ZD2102 not recognized


I have just bought a Zipato ZD2102 Door sensor for testing, but I’m not able to make it recognized by Openhab 1.8.3.
I have update zwave binding to last snapshot and I get the same issue:

NODE 16: No database entry: Zipato [ID:106,Type:2001]

So I am not able to configure it from habmin, and to associate it to my controller to receive alarms.

I have unpacked zwave binding jar file locally, check database xml file, and this product exists:

        <Label lang="en">Door Window Sensor</Label>
        <Label lang="de">Tür-Fenster-Sensor</Label>

Do you know what happens??
I have read on this forum other people who have it recognized by zwave binding… I don’t understand…
I have exclude/re-include whith no success.

The only thing I see is the missing ‘0’ at the beginning of product ID in log file (106 vs 0106 in database xml file), can’t be the issue??

Thanks for your help.


If it is a battery powered device you must wake it up several times (sometimes more than ten times for some devices) to give the zwave binding a chance to interrogate it and figure out what it is.

Ok, I will try this tonight, but I have several zwave devices, and usually, model type is immediately recognized, and I have to wake up few times in order to have more details like barrery level.

After some wake up, still not recognized by OH1… :expressionless:

Ok, I found by myself.
The issue is that the sensor I bought is ZD2102 model, but from Zipato, not from Vision Security.
The product is the same (same type and ID), but the manufacturer ID is not. This is why OpenHAB was not able to recognize my sensor.
I have updated Zwave binding product.xml file, and now it is fine, I can configure Association Group…
I’m going to make a PR for this change.