Vista 20p alarm panel

I am not sure about my items file. I will check on it and let you know when I get home tonight. Are you able to see the alarm status in your sitemap?

I figured it out. I was using “disarm” in the sitemap, while the “when” statement in my rule was using “disarmed”.
It works now. Thanks for the help.

Normally the Alarm implementations, on MiOS, only take the normalized state strings. They then map them to the alarm specific native modes.

I know that native state values aren’t accepted for the MiOS DSC and Paradox alarm panel impls, and I don’t recall any others accepting them either.

There was a small community team that set these up so that UI support (iPhone, Android etc) could be built atop the model… Given the way MiOS works, you need standardized interfaces.

Going back to the decision on whether to get a AD2USB or AD2Pi, I don’t think that the AD2Pi buys you much convenience if you have to run an Ethernet cable over to it. It would take the same amount of effort to run either alarm wire or Ethernet, and alarm wire does not have any length restrictions. Of course, the AD2Pi is more convenient if you already have Ethernet cable installed or if you plan to connect to the Raspberry Pi via Wi-Fi.

I purchased an AD2Pi, but I am finding the lack of documentation troublesome. The prebuilt appliance is not in stock, so I had to just buy the board. I had a spare Rpi2 already, but now that I have the AD2Pi it doesn’t look like it connects to the RPi2, I think I need an orginal RPi v1…

is there anything specific that needs to be done to program the alarm system to prepare it for the EVL add-on? Do I need to define a new keypad or something like that? Or do I just need to have an already configured system? I currently already have a functional alarm system. I just want to tie it into openhab. I am going to try connecting the EVL today, so I guess I’ll find out if it is plug and play or if I need additional alarm system programming.

There are a few steps you have to perform before it works with the Vera. Envisalink has a setup guide that details the steps.



How many physical keypads do you have? You need to know the address(es) of them before you start so that you don’t double up on an address. I have more than one keypad so I had to use the next available address in the list.

Once you go through the EVL guide you will need to install the Vista plugin on your Vera.,35816.0.html

When the alarm and the Vera are connected you have to run guessed’s batch scripts.

ok, I think I got it. I should be hooking it up later today. thank you

I got it all squared away. I had some initial difficulty when I tried to use keypad address 18 for some reason. My alarm company told me that address was available, but I could not get the “read panel” operation to work in my vera. I then tried using address 23 (the last one) and then everything worked fine.

I am up and running and I can see all my sensors in the vera and I am able to arm and disarm.

I did a miosLoad and a miosTransform and the items are working nicely in openhab, I can see all the sensor activity in my log file. My next move will be to add some arm/disarm buttons into my sitemap